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WePlay was appointed by UFC Arabia to develop a Growth Marketing strategy for the new UFC Arabia, OTT service

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WePlay was appointed by UFC Arabia to develop a Growth Marketing strategy for the new UFC Arabia, OTT service

Rights owner, Abu Dhabi Media, and OTT platform provider, Endeavor Streaming together appointed WePlay as their MENA digital marketing agency to develop and execute an ambitious Growth Marketing strategy.

As part of our campaign delivery, we developed and executed a multi-channel product launch and acquisition campaign to drive app downloads, lead generation, and subscriptions to the new UFC Arabia product.

Our approach comprised four stages: Awareness, Consideration, Download, and Conversion (paid-for subscriptions).

The strategy was formed on the basis of our extensive experience and research within the streaming landscape.

This strategic approach was powered by the production of a bespoke audience segmentation strategy for the 14 selected MENA markets that the UFC Arabia product was being marketed to.

With the primary objective of delivering paid-for subscriptions, it is essential with any campaign forecasting that we build our commercial models in accordance with budgets, expected performance metrics and of course our revenue goals in mind.

With this campaign, there were several stages to consider. The unique selling point of the product was the exclusivity of the rights available. UFC Arabia is the only place you can officially watch the UFC fights within the MENA region, thus, telling this story was critical to the campaign.

We devised a multi-channel digital strategy, including paid social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube), paid search (Google & Bing) and programmatic (display, video and audio).

Our creative-led strategy utilised a suite of powerful UFC assets, localised fighters from the region, with copy and content designed in multiple languages – all to capture the right person, with the right message at the right time.

Performance metrics were modeled in accordance with the aforementioned four stages – impressions and reach for Awareness, engagements, and click-throughs for Consideration, downloads and CPI (Cost Per Install) for App Downloads and CPA (cost per acquisition), and revenue for Conversions.

The campaign was a remarkable success, serving over 280m impressions to audiences across the 14 key target markets, which in turn delivered paid-for subscriptions at almost 3x the forecasted target, at importantly, an efficiency of 33% under budget.


Above forecasted registration target


Target MENA markets


Below CPA target