UFC Fight Pass

UFC appoint WePlay as their global digital media agency to drive subscription sales for UFC Fight Pass

UFC Fight Pass

UFC appoint WePlay as their global digital media agency to drive subscription sales for UFC Fight Pass

To implement a successful customer acquisition strategy, it is important to build a picture of the types of audiences and customers that our Partner is seeking to engage.

We always take a holistic approach to Growth Marketing, looking at audiences, data and consumer behaviours, to build a segmentation plan we can begin to act upon.

When it came to the UFC and their OTT platform, UFC Fight Pass, our approach to audience segmentation covered ingestion of data from the following sources:

  • site traffic for retargeting
  • lookalike profiles based on CRM data
  • people following the UFC page, who hadn’t converted
  • fans following fighters and rival MMA organisations

Our goal when reviewing the data, was to develop a network of fans who were displaying a higher propensity to convert at the point of purchase.

We analysed a variety of search data, from fighter names to event names and broader MMA terms. This allowed us to understand what users searched for online so media could be targeted more effectively with the right messages at the right time to the right person.

With these insights in hand, we implemented an effective customer acquisition strategy that would deliver paid subscriptions and reduce high levels of churn.

Using first-party data, our ‘connected audiences’ and a prospecting set of engaged combat sports fans, we activated global media campaigns that were both personalised and tailored to individual local markets.

Campaigns were optimised and developed through local language, which included markets such as Russia and Japan, whereby localised assets and creative were developed and deployed.

We also identified new strategic opportunities in countries with a large MMA fanbase and enough disposable income to afford the product, namely Mexico, Poland and Kazakhstan.

The partnership has proven to be a global success, with a record number of subscriptions to the platform. Combining strategy, media and technology we have achieved:


reduction in CPA (vs target)


increase in year-on-year subs 2020-2021


increase in subscriptions from non-EN language markets


increase in retargeting conversion rate