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For over a decade, WePlay has been the go-to sports marketing agency for effectively helping sports organisations and brands reach and engage a new breed of global sports fans.

We = Partnership
Play = Growth

Our Name

Our name states our desire to work with brilliant brands in sport and entertainment – and become the main player in their growth stories.

The ‘We’ means Partnership – everyone working as one team to achieve outstanding outcomes that match brands’ ambitions. The ‘Play’ signifies Growth – finding new ways to cut through the noise and win in these ultra-competitive industries.

A decade of enabling growth for the sports & entertainment industry

WePlay employees

A decade of enabling growth for the sports & entertainment industry

The global sports & entertainment industry is an incredibly competitive marketplace, and standing out amongst the crowd is not easy.

Our differentiator centres on our combined ability to deploy strategic, data-driven and creative activations that build brands and global audiences, whilst also executing high-performing media strategies that drive revenue growth.

With a full-service marketing provision of consultancy, creative, content, media and technology; we can help you to reach and engage new audiences, and generate incremental returns from your marketing investment.

If you’re looking for an agency partner to help you grow, let’s talk.

Growing and Playing Together

Whether we’re at our offices, working from home, or travelling around the world – it’s all about the Play.

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Knowledge sharing

WePlay employees

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WePlay employees

Monthly socials

WePlay employees

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Winning awards

WePlay employees


WePlay employees


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Building friendships

Accreditations and Partners

We are proud to be Official Google, Meta and Microsoft marketing Partners.

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WePlay is an official Google Partner. We have the highest level of accreditation across Google Search, Display, Video, Shopping, YouTube and the Play Store.

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WePlay is a Meta Business Partner, collaborating with their team to turbocharge your marketing performance and reach their 2.9 billion monthly active users.

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We are official Microsoft Partners, operating across the full Microsoft advertising ecosystem, from Bing to Xbox Live.

We are multi-award winning

The entire world is seeking the formula for the perfect marketing agency.

Awards serve as indicators of those who are the closest to perfection. It is not only about the people and the service, but also about philosophy and psychology.

For us, our awards make us proud of what we do – for our partners, it is the assurance of quality service.

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Our Growth Manifesto

WePlay motto

Our Growth Manifesto

The Covid-19 pandemic sent a massive shock wave through the sports and entertainment landscape and has produced long-term economic challenges, like never before.

In this post-pandemic era, it is paramount that we find new ways to grow.

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WePlay works with the most ambitious and exciting brands in the world.

Start your journey towards accelerated growth now.

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