RB Leipzig

Leading Bundesliga club, RB Leipzig, partnered with WePlay to grow its US audience.

RB Leipzig Happy 4th July

RB Leipzig

Leading Bundesliga club, RB Leipzig, partnered with WePlay to grow its US audience.

WePlay worked with the RB Leipzig team to define a strategic approach to growing their US presence by identifying key geographical and US audiences. As part of this process the team also worked to craft a content strategy across the seasonal calendar that identified key engagement opportunities. 

The content was created in line with RB Leipzigs brand whilst also taking opportunities to expand their visual creative online. 

As part of the creative and content plan WePlay also ensured we reflected current posts and trends on TikTok with contemporary content. 

By immersing ourselves into the culture of the club through stakeholder workshops and spending time in Leipzig, we crafted a 12-month strategy and content calendar which prioritised US tentpole events such as the Super Bowl, NBA Finals whilst also leaving room for spontaneity and the ability to pivot quickly for the best possible results.

Our content approach leverages TikTok as the primary channel for audience growth. The TikTok strategy involves creating easily digestible, engaging, and quirky content that highlights the essential brand attributes, including RB Leipzig’s star players and their participation in the Champions League. To maintain audience engagement and growth, we also tap into TikTok trends and incorporate them into our content strategy.

The results have been truly remarkable. Through the creation of engaging and relevant content, we’ve managed to cultivate a significant audience in the United States in less than a year.

This achievement has paved the way for exciting new avenues of direct commercial revenue and partnership opportunities.


increase in US TIkTok following


Achievement of our annual growth (six months early)