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SailGP and WePlay take racing to new heights with ‘We Are Racing’ Global Brand Campaign

Richard Baker

30th Aug 2023

SailGP, the world’s most exciting racing on water, has partnered with Growth Marketing Partner, WePlay, to develop and execute a new direct-to-consumer marketing strategy for SailGP’s fourth season, as well as create a Global Brand Campaign.

With Season 4 well underway, SailGP is laser-focused on bringing the best racing to fans, both new and pre-established, across the globe. The brand campaign, known as ‘We Are Racing,’ launched with a week-long digital 3D OOH immersive full-screen takeover at the world-renowned Piccadilly Lights, the largest advertising display in Europe.

The campaign aims to drive brand awareness and grow SailGP’s global fan base. The launch of this campaign in central London comes as the global championship begins its European leg. The European leg kicks off with the third event of the season in Saint-Tropez on September 9-10.

It is a monumental initiative designed to showcase SailGP’s unwavering dedication to delivering pulse-pounding, cutting-edge sport with a purpose. This initiative aims at captivating a new wave of racing enthusiasts across the globe.

‘We Are Racing’ will strategically run across 14 key markets, intricately aligned with SailGP’s impressive teams and event locations. To amplify its reach and impact, the campaign will harness the prowess of diverse digital platforms, dynamic social channels, and strategic broadcast partnerships. The collective goal is to seamlessly connect with an ever-expanding global audience, allowing them to revel in SailGP’s electrifying experience.

The campaign has been designed by WePlay to draw fans into the heart of the action. It will unfold through an array of elements, including captivating hero content, exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses, athlete-centric marketing, and immersive storytelling. This multifaceted approach will offer fans an intimate vantage point into the world of SailGP. It will spotlight the remarkable teams, extraordinary athletes, riveting events, and the underlying purpose that propels SailGP to the forefront of the global sporting calendar.

Sharon Bennett, Head of Client Services at WePlay

“Our partnership with SailGP marks a pivotal moment in growth marketing. The ‘We Are Racing’ campaign encapsulates the heart and soul of SailGP’s dynamic approach to racing, and we are thrilled to be a part of this progressive journey to help SailGP reach new fans. Our work with SailGP brings together experts from across our agency, from creative to media.  I’m also personally excited to align and support SailGP’s ambition to be the world’s most sustainable and purpose-driven global sports platform. Together, we will captivate hearts, ignite passions, and redefine the spectator experience.”

Sami Izzet, Head of Creative at WePlay

“Engaged by the excitement of SailGP, the creative team at WePlay is energised. The ‘We Are Racing’ campaign serves as a fantastic opportunity to skilfully develop storytelling and visuals. This partnership ignites our creativity, and collectively, we’re revolutionising the landscape of growth marketing.”

About SailGP

SailGP is the world’s most exciting racing on water. The global championship features national teams battling in short, intense races at iconic stadium-style venues across the globe. The high-tech, high-speed action features sailing’s best athletes racing in identical hydrofoiling F50 catamarans, flying at speeds approaching 100 km/h. SailGP also races for a better future, championing a world powered by nature. Visit for more information.