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Unlock the Potential of First Party Data for a Cookieless Future

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Louis Fry

18th Apr 2024

Enhanced Conversion with First Party Data

As a sports business, you understand that the digital world fuels fan engagement and your revenue streams. However, the playing field is shifting rapidly. This presents a golden opportunity to prioritise collecting first-party data from your passionate fans, both current and potential. To keep your digital marketing strategies scoring high, you will need innovative solutions. 

You conquered Google Consent Mode V2 in Part One and Server-Side Tracking in Part Two! Now, let’s dive deeper into the exciting world of Enhanced Conversion with First-Party Data in this final article of our three-part series. 

We’ll break down what’s happening, how it impacts your sports organisation, and the winning plays you need to make for enhanced conversions. 

What’s happened? 

In the current digital sports marketing landscape, first-party data is becoming increasingly vital for tracking conversions (e.g., ticket or merchandise sales) and measuring campaign effectiveness while respecting user privacy. 

The focus on first-party data has led to the development of tools like Google’s ‘Enhanced Conversions’. This feature leverages first-party data, such as hashed email addresses, to provide a more accurate measurement of conversion activities. Implementing similar strategies across various advertising platforms can amplify the precision of conversion tracking, ensuring advertisers can gauge the success of their campaigns in a privacy-centric environment. 

What does it mean for your sports business? 

Adhering to global privacy regulations is more straightforward with privacy-centric tracking methods that rely on securely handled and encrypted user data, such as hashed email addresses collected with explicit consent. This allows you to more accurately match conversions against clicks from Google Ads, enhancing the reliability of your campaign data. 

A unified view of user interactions is crucial for understanding the customer journey. By utilising first-party data consented to by fans across devices, advertisers can achieve a comprehensive perspective of how users engage with their campaigns, regardless of the platform or device. This cross-device and platform measurement capability is essential for optimising advertising strategies and ensuring a cohesive user experience. 

What action do you need to take? 

Prioritise first-party data and employ tools like Enhanced Conversions to navigate the challenges posed by privacy regulations while still achieving accurate and meaningful insights into your campaign performance. This approach not only respects user privacy but also enhances the effectiveness of your digital advertising efforts in a rapidly evolving landscape. 

So, what are you waiting for? The time to act is now. Don’t let your organisation fall behind. Reach out to me at louis@weplay.co, and let’s ensure your sports business not only survives but thrives in the measurement revolution. Your success starts today.