Google Consent Mode V2

Times Up! Don’t Panic, Master Google Consent Mode v2 and Secure Your Tracking Future!

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Louis Fry

4th Apr 2024

I’m Louis, an ad tech specialist, and I’m here to tell you that the digital landscape is changing faster than ever before. The impending deprecation of third-party cookies is the biggest shift we’ve seen in 15 years, and it’s crucial that you understand the implications and act now to stay ahead of the curve.

As a sports business leader, you know that the digital landscape is the lifeblood of your fan engagement and revenue streams. But right now, the ground is shifting beneath your feet faster than ever before. This shift underscores the importance of holding first-party data for your current or potential fans, necessitating the adoption of new technologies and strategies to maintain and enhance your digital marketing effectiveness. Key among these is:

  • Google Consent Mode V2
  • Server-Side Tracking
  • Enhanced Conversions

In this first article of our three-part series, I am going to lay out what happened, what it means for your sports organisation, and what actions you need to take regarding Google Consent Mode V2.

Google Consent Mode V2

What’s happened?

URGENT: Attention all sports organisations! Immediate action is required! The deadline for adopting Google Consent Mode Version 2 has passed. It was mandatory as of March 2024. Failure to comply may result in severe consequences for your advertising strategies.

This update coincided with the enforcement of the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which requires advertising platforms like Google to obtain explicit consent for personal data collection from European citizens.

What does it mean for your sports business?

The mandatory implementation of Google Consent Mode V2 is not just about compliance – it strategically positions Google with a competitive advantage.

While implementing a consent banner on your website or app means normal analytics won’t capture data from users who opt out, Google’s behavioural modelling for Consent Mode uses machine learning to estimate the behaviour of non-consenting users. This modelled data enriches your analytics, providing valuable insights into how your fans are interacting, all while honouring user privacy.


What action do you need to take?

Adopt Google Consent Mode Version 2 to comply with regulations and gain a strategic advantage through Google’s behavioural modelling of your fan data.

The implementation of consent mode v2 will facilitate the following features:

  • Accurately attributing a significant number of opt-out user conversions to the performance of specific channels.
  • Maintaining user privacy standards.
  • Optimising ad personalisation and targeting.
  • Minimising data discrepancies resulting from the lack of cookie-based tracking.

The digital revolution is here, and your organisation needs to adapt.

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