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An introduction to the world of Digital Collectibles in Sport

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4th Jun 2022

Fans have always loved to own sports collectibles, whether that be replica kits, trading cards, stickers or collections of signed pictures. In recent times, we’ve seen many sports brands take their first steps into the Metaverse and partner with organisations along the way to create branded NFTs, offering fans a new digitised way of collecting and adding an extra dimension to the sporting experience.

AC Milan Metaverse Image

With many clubs and federations experiencing a high drop in revenue over the last two years, this new market presents brands with a golden money-making opportunity as they look for new revenue streams.

AC Milan’s home game against Fiorentina became the first football match to be broadcast in the Metaverse. Fans gathered in a dedicated ‘Serie A’ room to watch the match and engaged with other interactive experiences. Via the download of an NFT, fans were able to purchase digital merchandise at the online event.

In tennis, the French Tennis Federation has announced its NFT venture with Roland-Garros for the 2022 French Open. A unique collection of 5,000 seats located in a virtual court will be released as NFTs, allowing fans to be part of an exclusive community and enjoy additional benefits.

Digital Collectibles are a fundamental element of our unique commercial marketing model and are key to unlocking growth opportunities in this new era.

This is definitely a market to keep your eyes on.