WePlay partnered with The IRONMAN Group to help drive participation registrations across their event portfolio.


WePlay partnered with The IRONMAN Group to help drive participation registrations across their event portfolio.

The IRONMAN Group is one of the largest organisers of cycling, triathlon and running events and has grown to become a global sensation with hundreds of events across 55+ countries.

We started our journey with IRONMAN in 2016 and have remained partners ever since, aiming to maximise the opportunity to get more people signed up to IRONMAN events.

As WePlay’s longest-held client, we have supported IRONMAN across a portfolio of over 30 events globally, from the Singapore Marathon to mountain biking’s Swiss Epic and the hero, IRONMAN ultra-triathlons.

Our objectives as part of the partnership are to work with IRONMAN events and marketing teams to provide digital marketing services to:

  • Build awareness and interest of the IRONMAN series amongst new audiences
  • To acquire more sign-ups the relevant target audiences using paid media channels
  • Supercharge movement of audiences through the funnel via bespoke event strategies placing focus on key promotional periods

Over the years, our partnership with IRONMAN has changed but our remit has primarily been centred around executing a comprehensive strategy and communication plan across an extensive array of events within the IRONMAN portfolio.

Throughout the 7-year partnership we have effectively leveraged paid, owned, and earned media, ensuring targeted audience identification and delivering creative messaging throughout the entire funnel.

This included:

  • Utilisation of paid media across multiple platforms, including Meta’s platforms, Google Search, YouTube, Discovery, Performance Max, and Reddit
  • Targeting relevant audience segments, to map out platform-level media approaches, incorporating audience profiling, site selection, keyword lists, and CRM segments
  • Capturing user data, enabling off site retargeting, and facilitating further audience profiling
  • Creating content and messaging based on the key objectives of the specific events and specifically tailored to resonate with target audiences – customised for each stage, including prospecting, early bird, and retargeting stages

We have strategically been able to maximise engagement and conversions by implementing a retargeting process for all non-converted traffic.

This meant priming the audience and gaining valuable insights into short-term incentives and behaviours and by aligning the right creative with the right audience at the right time, we have maximised the effectiveness of our messaging for IRONMAN.

To facilitate data visualisation we developed bespoke, automated reporting dashboards, providing real-time paid media performance insights & data visualisation. Technical support and maintenance management of the dashboard, scheduled insights reports & campaign summaries, powered by the WePlay tech stack (PlayEngine).


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