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WePlay and Sported collaborate to drive attendance at community clubs across the UK.

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WePlay and Sported collaborate to drive attendance at community clubs across the UK.

The leading sport-for-development charity, Sported exists to help the inspirational people who are working every day, to improve the lives of young people and tackle the problems that matter in their local community.

Sported appointed us to conceive and execute a pilot marketing strategy:

  • To drive incremental social growth
  • To increase the size of its database

Together with WePlay, Sported launched the “LEAP IN” campaign to demonstrate how the power of social media advertising can help community clubs achieve their attendance objectives at weekly localised events.

Briefed to engage 16-25-year-olds in lower socio-economic areas across the UK, we used insights derived from the analysis of target audience consumption habits to develop the creative strategy for the “Leap In” campaign. The video drew upon inspiration from trending music videos and gaming graphics, and the copy and lyrics were crafted to confront the most reported barriers to physical activity participation experienced by the target demographic.

Activated across multiple social platforms throughout participating regions of the UK, the hero campaign used data-driven insights to identify and reach more sedentary young adults. Bespoke creative and granular postcode targeting was also used to drive registrations to individual club initiatives.

In total, a hero campaign and 22 separate club-specific campaigns were activated and reached over 2.4 million 16-25-year-olds in deprived regions of the UK. The campaign hero video successfully captured the attention of a notoriously hard to engage audience demographic, achieving cost-per thru-plays (15s) on social, and cost-per-views (30s) on YouTube exceeding WePlay target benchmarks.




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Having WePlay as a partner has been invaluable to the process of curating the right message/creative and targeting the correct audience.

Nicola Walker, CEO of Sported