WePlay employees
Gina Sparks

Gina Sparks

28th Jun 2023

Last week marked a special occasion for WePlay as we set aside our daily routines and dedicated an entire day to celebrating our achievements and reinforcing our shared vision.

The day began with a series of insightful presentations, led by some of WePlay’s key Players. WePlay Founder and CEO, Luca Massaro, kick-started the event by sharing our vision, mission and taking us through our incredible growth story so far.

Other presentations included an update on new partnerships we have taken on, a glimpse into the projects underway in our creative and media departments and our focus on delivering outstanding service to our partners.

In the afternoon, we engaged in team building exercises and workshops specifically designed to enhance collaboration within WePlay before finishing up the day with an award ceremony, where seven outstanding Players were recognised for embodying WePlay’s core values.

Voted by the internal WePlay team, the latest winners of the WePlay company values awards are:

Brave leader – Andy Hopkinson

Creatively CuriousJoao Martignago

Passionate ExpertJack Flannigan

Team Player Oliver Bond

Accountable AchieverRichard Baker

Good PersonNazia Amara Hussain


And in a fitting tribute to WePlay’s overarching values, the overall award for embracing all of these values was presented to Laurynas Čiuta, who exemplified the spirit of WePlay.

As a gesture of appreciation and recognition for their hard work, the winners received trophies and have been granted a winners trip to climb the O2 Arena and a dining experience at Gordon Ramsay’s renowned restaurant.

See more about our day via our TikTok channel here.