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Celebrating 11 years of WePlay: the evolution of sports marketing

WePlay CEO

Luca Massaro

9th Aug 2023

This month symbolised a significant milestone in WePlay’s history – our 11th birthday.

11 years ago, the sports marketing arena was as different from today’s scene as a rusty old tricycle is from a turbo-charged race car.

Fan engagement was the freshest catchphrase, making its debut like a superstar on the red carpet. Sports bigwigs swarmed to decode the enigma of their booming social fanbase.

Fan engagement wasn’t just a casual fling; it turned into a grand love affair. Sports outfits realised that wooing fans outside the match had its perks.

Social media platforms became the ultimate wingman, connecting teams, leagues, and athletes directly with their devout followers. It was like sending a personalised text message to each fan, making the whole experience an emotional rollercoaster.

Fast-forward to today, and we’re in a whole new league.

Fan-first strategies are the norm, with “direct-to-consumer” as the superstar. Remember when “D2C” wasn’t even in our vocabulary? It went from zero to hero.

These agencies were like wizards for sports organisations, casting spells of modern marketing solutions on complex problems.

They were the knights, wielding digital and social swords, serving the soaring ambitions of sports entities, brands, and broadcasters. In the blink of an eye (or eleven years, to be precise), the sports marketing realm is thriving.

The ecosystem – a mix of sports royalty, brand mavens, broadcasting maestros, and the like – has never seen more potential for growth.

But, reality check: like a ruthless opponent on the field, the pandemic and the dicey economic landscape are curveballs we can’t ignore.

So, here’s to 11 years of WePlay, riding the wave of sports marketing evolution!

As we raised a toast to our journey so far, our Creative Studio rolled up their sleeves and wove together an epic showreel that captured the essence of our identity and mission.

Take a look at our latest showreel below, and contact us if you’re looking to accelerate your growth today.