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TikTok Video Insights: the smarter path to TikTok audience growth

Gina Sparks

Gina Sparks

11th Apr 2023

TikTok has rapidly become one of the most dynamic platforms for building and engaging digital audiences.

With over one billion users worldwide, the platform has become the fastest-growing force in the game. Its intuitive production and editing tools make it a hub for creating diverse and engaging video content that resonates with audiences around the globe.

For marketers, TikTok is a goldmine of opportunities. The app offers brands unparalleled reach and engagement potential, enabling them to connect with audiences in creative and meaningful ways. A recent study by the platform revealed that 57% of users consume sports-related content weekly, underscoring its potential in our industry.

But, to fully harness this potential, it’s crucial to understand what works best in this unique setting. There’s a premium on discoverability and content that holds viewers’ attention, which makes it essential to use feedback from the platform to your advantage.

As a proud TikTok Marketing Partner, we are keen to leverage our experience in expanding and monetising audiences in sports and entertainment whilst utilising the tools offered by our partner to create a powerful synergy that maximises the performance of paid media.

The Video Insights feature that is now globally available in TikTok Ads Manager allows brands to design and refine their advertising content strategy even more than ever before.

Using TikTok’s own best practice, we have laid out some tips for getting the most out of Video Insights to really thrive on the platform.

Understanding Key Frame Analysis

Key Frame Analysis is one of the fundamental capabilities of Video Insights. This granular measurement tool can show you the exact points in a video where your audience is clicking, converting, or scrolling on to the next post.

It generates visualisations in a Key Frame Graph that make it easy to identify the most successful parts of your video, as well as those sections that might need an edit.

By taking note of the peaks and valleys on each line graph, the winning elements that can be recycled in a future video can be determined, as well elements that could be removed from the videos.

These insights can optimise the ideation and creation of future videos, incorporating more of what resonates with your audience and helping to reach your full TikTok potential.

Powering insight discovery

By using the Key Frame Analysis graph tool in conjunction with other insight tools, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of how your brand is being received on the platform.

The industry benchmark feature can provide an overview of how content from competitors the same industry is performing, and the industry ranking feature allows brands to compare video metrics to the average value of advertisers in the same registered industry.

Meanwhile, the comment analysis module automatically searches user responses to your videos to break down broad themes and trends in audience reaction.

These insights can help you make better decisions about your content and brand messaging on TikTok. By leveraging them effectively, brands can stay ahead of the competition, and build a stronger brand presence on the platform.

TikTok Video Insights

Testing at its best

Ultimately, testing is key to success on TikTok.

Video Insights turbocharges testing on TikTok, allowing you to discover the optimal way of presenting your content.

Effective iteration can transform the performance of content, with small changes making a big difference to user engagement.

With Video Insights’ comparison analysis coordinate graph tool, you can pinpoint high-potential videos and identify the changes needed to improve them.

Key Frame Analysis comparison and visualisation tools can illustrate where slight adjustments are producing positive effects that make for breakout content. By testing different hooks and rearranging elements, you can understand what motivates viewer response and optimise content accordingly.

With real-time data on the topics driving user interest, you can repurpose the best-performing elements and develop an agile content strategy.

The power of insights in practice 

Utah Jazz

At WePlay we have worked with a variety of clients on the platform, from Champions League and NBA teams to esports organisations.

Our multi-year partnership with NBA’s Utah Jazz entailed developing a world-class audience and revenue growth strategy. This strategy involved utilising a range of tactics including growing their TikTok following.

Last season, we conducted a thorough analysis of Utah Jazz’s digital data points across social media platforms to collate audience insights and identify crossovers, gaps, and opportunities.

This analysis involved examining conversion behaviour, content consumption patterns and demographic data. Leveraging these insights, we were able to target specific rich data segments with content designed to drive FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) by showcasing unique and thrilling experiences that fans could only enjoy in-person.

Based on those insights we could also launch a ‘glocal’ campaign strategy that involved using translated copy and localised assets to engage non-English speaking markets.

This season, we have focused more on identifying cost-effective global TikTok markets to maximise growth and optimising ticketing campaign efficiency with a thematic campaign breakdown.

Through leveraging insights from TikTok and other social platforms, we were able to increase ticket sales by 43% last season. This year, we have seen even more impressive results with a significant improvement in cost per follower and ROAS. Highlighting the immense value of these tools for brands, as they provide an effective means to convert audience engagement into tangible results.

Unleashing the full potential

While providing tips on how to leverage TikTok’s tools for audience growth can certainly be beneficial, it only scratches the surface of what is possible.

To truly excel in today’s dynamic media landscape, the most ambitious brands in sport and entertainment require a comprehensive approach that aligns with their specific business needs and strategy.

We have developed a department which consists of skilled media consultants with experience across using insights various platforms.

Using audience insights, our media team have successfully helped our partners unlock their potential across a range of platforms, including TikTok.

Our media consultants provide tailored guidance and support to ensure our partners achieve their unique goals, whether it’s to boost engagement, conversions, or increase brand awareness.

Want to know more about what our team of experts can do? Get in touch here.