Jack Flannigan

7th Jul 2023

Meta’s newest social media platform, Threads, has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity since yesterday’s launch.

The app has been a focal point in our weekly platform updates, WePlay Watch, for some time and has generated huge amounts of interest in the lead up to this launch.

Surpassing all previous platform records, Threads amassed 1 million users in a record time and having already exceeded the 60 million users mark this morning, Threads is undeniably establishing itself as a major contender in the social media landscape.

Since launch, our team of experts has analysed the platform and identified some key opportunities and challenges the platform presents and curated valuable tips to help brands effectively leverage the platform.

graph showing the time it took each platform to reach 1 million users with Threads only taking a few hours compared to years

Intimate connections and cross-platform reach

The platform’s focus on ephemeral content and personal sharing makes it a great way to connect with users on a more intimate level.

And Threads’ integration with Instagram expands the potential reach for brands as they can easily cross-post their content to a wider audience.

Another reason why Threads is a huge opportunity for brands is because of the platform’s ability to leverage the pre-existing connections and relationships that brands have built on other Meta platforms.

When a brand creates a Threads account, the app automatically piggybacks off its existing followers on Instagram – giving brands a huge head start in terms of building its community.

This also means Threads can be seen as a “one-stop shop” for marketing, offering brands the opportunity to customise their content for new users right from the start.

By analysing users’ previous activity on other `Meta platforms, brands will be able to tailor their content, giving brands a competitive advantage in the marketing space.

Absence of features and limited reach

Screenshot of the new app, threads However, there are also some challenges that brands will need to consider when using Threads.

The platform’s lack of features, such as hashtags and direct messaging, means that brands will need to be creative in how they engage with users.

One key feature that is absent in Threads is the functionality like Twitter’s hashtags.

Hashtags allow users to group together related posts into a single feed, facilitating discoverability and increasing engagement.

Without this feature, brands on Threads may find it difficult to reach a wider audience and drive conversations around their content.

Additionally, the fact that Threads is not yet available in the European Union is a potential barrier for brands that are active in that market. However, Meta has said that it is working on making Threads available in the EU as soon as possible.

How to excel on the platform

Here are some specific thoughts from WePlay on how brands can use Threads:

  • Lean on your Twitter knowledge. Threads is like Twitter in many ways, so brands that are already active on Twitter can use their existing content strategy as a starting point. However, it’s important to remember that Threads is a different platform, so brands will need to adapt their strategy accordingly.
  • Be a first mover. Threads is still in its early stages, so brands that are early adopters can gain a significant advantage. By being the first to experiment with Threads, brands can learn how to use the platform effectively and build a following before the competition arrives.
  • Be creative. Threads’ lack of features can be seen as a challenge, but it can also be an opportunity. By being creative, brands can find new ways to engage with users and stand out from the crowd.

Threads presents itself as a promising new platform for brands, offering immense potential for success. By assessing the platform’s strengths and weaknesses, brands can strategically position themselves to thrive on Threads.

As proud partners of Meta, we are excited to watch Threads evolve in the coming months and we look forward to helping our partners leverage the platform to grow their audiences.

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