EC 30th GA

Leading communications at ECA’s 30th General Assembly

Gina Sparks

Gina Sparks

15th Sep 2023

The European Club Association (ECA) recently gathered in Berlin for its 30th General Assembly, and WePlay assumed a pivotal role in orchestrating the event’s communication strategy. We executed a meticulously crafted plan, strategically leveraging social media platforms to disseminate real-time updates. Our comprehensive approach encompassed live-tweeting the highly anticipated board elections, conducting insightful interviews with both ECA members and esteemed board members, and curating live stories and exclusive behind-the-scenes reels. This dynamic communications approach contributed significantly to the overall success of the event.

This General Assembly held particular significance due to the renewed signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between ECA and UEFA. This MoU officially recognises ECA as the sole, independent body to represent clubs in Europe.

Within our communication strategy, we placed this historic MoU renewal at the forefront. We strategically weaved its importance into our narrative alongside the forthcoming elections for the new ECA board, which will govern during the consequential 2023-27 membership cycle. This deliberate alignment signified the magnitude of these developments.

Big names and behind-the-scenes moments

One of the main objectives of this event was to capture behind-the-scenes footage of its inner workings.

With football legends like Gilberto Silva, Ruud Gullit, Sol Campbell, Fabio Cannavaro, and Petr Cech attending the GA for the football panel, we closely followed them, documenting their arrivals and candid discussions. Our aim was to capture content that they would want to share to help raise awareness for the ECA’s work – and it was a success!  Another notable attendee was Angel City Co-founder Natalie Portman, who discussed the women’s football industry, leveraging the Women’s World Cup, and the importance of building relationships with Europe for Angel City FC.

In addition to behind-the-scenes coverage, we directed video production alongside Sky Sports presenter and ECA GA host Hayley McQueen and used the unique opportunity of the GA to gather and conduct quick-fire interviews with key members from across Europe to capture content to serve as valuable material for future posts.

Live tweeting marathon

During the election results event, we carried out an extensive live-tweeting session, to create a thread of tweets in real-time as the new board was elected. Notably, Martina Pavlova emerged as a ground-breaking figure, becoming the first female Vice-Chair.

We also covered the signing ceremony of the MoU with ECA Chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi and UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin and ensured that our content plans aligned with the overarching PR strategies of ECA, highlighting the significance of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the future of European club football.

Strategic planning and flexibility

Our pre-event strategy was nothing short of meticulous, we planned every detail right down to the micro-moment. This encompassed everything, from precise content posting schedules to meticulously planned recording slots. We also diligently prepared templates and tweet copy for all board members, whether elected or not. This ensured that we were fully prepared for any scenario.

However, we understood the paramount importance of adaptability in our approach. Having creative templates approved before the event enabled us to work efficiently with our motion and graphic design team on-site, facilitating the rapid production of content as needed.

Furthermore, we remained adaptable to accommodate any unexpected changes during the event. A prime example was when the board elections extended beyond the initially estimated duration. Without missing a beat, we promptly adjusted our social media schedule to ensure that our coverage remained comprehensive and timely.

Throughout the event, we not only documented the proceedings but also effectively promoted the ECA’s mission. This General Assembly marks a significant milestone in European club football, and we take pride in our contribution to supporting the ECA in their representation of clubs across the continent.