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22nd Apr 2022

This week is Earth Week and today is Earth Day.

The theme: Invest in our planet.

As much as we are passionate about business growth, we’re even more passionate about living sustainably.

At WePlay, our actions speak louder than our words, and through a partnership with Ecologi, we are educating our Players on how to reduce their carbon footprint, whilst also off-setting it by planting over 5,000 trees in Madagascar, Mozambique or Nicaragua each year.

Yesterday, we were also joined by Co-Founder of ZeroBees, Toby Radcliffe, who hosted a fantastic workshop for our Players on ‘Sustainability in Sport’ with a focus on carbon assessments, the Green Claims Code, Strategic Support, and a great Q&A session.

We’ve summarised some of our favourite questions from the session below…

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Q: What business value does ‘being sustainable’ have?

A: There is huge value in being a sustainable organisation. From PR opportunities, prestigious accreditations and supply chain security to customer loyalty and enhanced brand value.

Q: As a digital agency, how can we limit our own carbon output?

A: Reducing your screen resolution when video calling has a much larger impact than you may think. Using sustainable suppliers and talking to your employees and clients will also help.

Q: Are there any accreditations that, as an organisation, WePlay could aim to obtain?

A: There are a handful of accreditations out there, such as B Corp status and SBTi’s Net-Zero. It’s a timely process to acquire these certificates, but they are seen as very favourable accreditations and will increase your brand value.

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About ZeroBees

ZeroBees is the most accessible and comprehensive full scope carbon reduction tool and consulting firm designed for supply chain SMEs and enterprises managing the decarbonisation of their supply chain.

About Ecologi

Ecologi was initially founded by a group of environmentalists in Bristol, UK and is the platform for climate action. Their community of over 24,000 individuals, families and businesses are funding a huge range of leading climate solutions, to one day be responsible for halving the world’s emissions by 2040.

Visit ZeroBees and Ecologi and discover more about the great work they do.