Converting Communities into Customers

Why Sport?

“Unscripted drama”. Stated Richard Scudamore – Chief Executive of the Premier League, when asked how they managed to secure £5.13 billion for their TV rights.
Sport has become the most lucrative of the entertainment industries as global sponsorship is estimated to be worth $45 billion and continues to rise.
We are reaching a ‘tipping point’, where audience adoption and technology are colliding successfully. With 2.2 billion sports fans globally and participation and engagement growing; there has never been a better time to grow a brand and convert these huge scale audiences into your customers.

Consumer Evolution

The modern consumer has evolved. They consume information in larger volumes and across more platforms than ever before.
Networks have formed where fans passionately express themselves and publicly display their feelings, whether positively or negatively to brands.
The advent of social media has given rise to the prosumer, producing rather than merely consuming. They’re informed and influential within their networks and we know them as influencers.
We help businesses adapt, learn and communicate to this new world.

What We Know

Brands have little issue achieving reach and awareness, but to commercialise this, brands must enrich the lives of their audience, creating experiences that consumers will remember.
Content is King, but marketing is Queen and the woman rules the house. The distribution game has changed and brands need to understand the roles that influencers and tribes play in converting communities into customers.
Brands must realise the digital evolution is not a fad and must aim to be truly connected. This means revisiting marketing strategies with a new attitude, ambition and desire to offer value.

“We are lucky enough to be alive in a time of great opportunity, where new technologies are connecting brands and consumers like never before. We help brands make sense of this world and maximise on the relationship they have with their audience.”

Luca Massaro, Managing Director

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