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Why Sports?

“Unscripted drama”. Stated Richard Scudamore – Chief Executive of the Premier League, when asked how they managed to secure £5.13 billion for their TV rights.
Sport has become the most lucrative of the entertainment industries with global sponsorship estimated to be worth $45 billion and on the rise.
With an estimated 3.2 billion sports fans globally, each more passionate and loyal than any other type of consumer; there has never been a better time to grow a brand in this market.

Consumer Evolution

The modern consumer has evolved. They consume information in larger volumes and across more platforms than ever before.
Networks have formed where fans passionately express themselves and publicly display their feelings, whether positively or negatively to brands.
The advent of social media has given rise to the prosumer, producing rather than merely consuming. They’re informed and influential within their networks and we know them as influencers.
We help brands adapt to this new world.

What We Know

To be truly connected, brands must understand the motivations and habits of their audiences and develop content that drives an emotional response.
To achieve a deep and meaningful connection with their audience, brands must create an experience that consumers will remember.
To grow audiences, databases and funnel more consumers through to conversion, brands must have a compelling story that appeals to the target audience.

“As technology advances and continues to play a major role in marketing, we help companies navigate this new world and maximise on the relationships they have with sports fans.”

Luca Massaro, Managing Director

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