WePlay’s Quarterly Company Day 2019 – Getting Comfortable in the Uncomfortable

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Last week it was time for one of WePlay’s highlights on the calendar – our quarterly Company Day!

Each quarter, WePlay holds a Company Day, where we turn off all our devices, and together we focus on planning our future as a team. Everyone is offered a platform to voice their ideas, which is vital for growth and continuous learning.

For this Company Day, WePlay was joined by board member, Olivier Gers. As an experienced growth and transformation leader with a proven track record of leading meaningful change in modern media landscapes, Olivier was able to add valuable insights and share experiences during the day that pushed the staff to think outside of the box.

After a nutritious breakfast together (including being joined by our Players from our offices in Madrid and Paris), our CEO Luca kicked off the day by giving a recap of the events that happened since the last Company Day. Before looking ahead to what the future holds, it’s always important to reflect on the past and take the learnings away.

He then introduced the agenda for the day, with the overarching theme of ‘Getting Comfortable in the Uncomfortable’. Players would be challenged on their ideas during the day, with the purpose of facilitating engaging discussions and sparking different thoughts that would help Players broaden their vision and subsequently stimulate growth.

We then split into four teams for collaborative group activities. Each of the teams was tasked with brainstorming product ideas that could potentially solve threats and challenges that we face within an ever-changing and fast-paced digital sports industry. Every team consisted of a mixture of Players from our different departments, with varying levels of experience – allowing for different viewpoints and interesting discussions to take place.

The exercise ended with each of the teams presenting their ideas in front of the company for a period of 15 minutes, with a panel of judges (CEO Luca and Board Member Olivier) scoring the ideas out of a criteria based on i) idea definition, ii) consumer and market iii) resource planning and iv) pricing models.

There was room for a Q&A session after each presentation, allowing for constructive criticism and the varying ideas to stimulate open discussions.

After an intense, thought-provoking day, we signed off the office part of our Company Day, and headed over to the O2 Arena for an adrenaline filled rush go-karting. The competitiveness of all the Players came to the fore, bringing out the best in everyone! It turned out to be a great team-bonding exercise, allowing the entire team to relax and let go.

The day was a huge success all in all, with a lot of positive feedback from both staff and leadership. Engaging in challenging conversations and discussions with colleagues, as well as being pushed out of your comfort zone, is necessary to allow us to broaden our minds and grow as individuals, and subsequently as an agency. 

We’re already looking forward to January for the next WePlay – Company Day.

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