As the Premier League’s global popularity and financial might grows, so has the influence of online video content. 1/3 of all online activity is being spent watching video, a tremendous statistic and with so much video content now available, the key questions being asked are around which brands are seeing the most success from their video output.

This question led to the creation of the official Premier League Social Video Index, a scoring system, which showcases the off-field winners and giants of short form video. The index sees the on-field champions Leicester City nosedive to 12th in the table and Manchester United, who are not even in the Champions League, climb to the top spot.


Each brand is ranked by the Burst Engagement Score, a unique algorithm developed by Burst Insights. It works by analysing all the available social engagement metrics a brand profile has received, applying a video post frequency rating and benchmarking it against the top performing profile in their database, to create a single score metric between 1 and 100.

The Top 5 is not hugely surprising and broadly reflects the Premier League powers of Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City.

What impact will every Mourinho tantrum, Klopp quote and Guardiola masterclass have on the table? Stay tuned and find out throughout the season.

Luca Massaro, Chief Executive of WePlay added, Short form video has caused a seismic change in the way we all consume sports content. The landscape is constantly shifting and as the biggest league in the world, the Premier League provides us with an exciting opportunity to see just how influential social video has become and what commercial opportunity it presents for brands. Working with Burst Insights will help enable us to supply this tangible insight to the sports sector.”

Simon Bibby, Head of Research, Burst Insights concludes, “Short social video content has become a major player in sports marketing in the past twelve months. Manchester United took that to a new level this week, announcing the signing of Paul Pogba to the world through a ten second Twitter teaser video. Despite this, there remains a lack of insight into how the social video performance of sports clubs is impacting their brand. We are delighted to be launching the Premier League Social Video Index with WePlay to track fan engagement throughout the season.” 

About the Index

The Premier League Social Video Index is powered by Burst Insights, a social video intelligence company. Each week, Burst Insight’s analyses the engagement generated through videos posted by football clubs to their fans. The goal is to benchmark the content marketing performance of each club throughout the 2016/17 Premier League season. This Index reveals who is top of the short social video table and on which platform (Instagram, Twitter and Vine) each club is showing winning form or falling behind the competition.