We Play deliver record-breaking output for exclusive Sports Business conference

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Working in partnership with real-time video sharing service Grabyo, WePlay helped deliver a record-breaking social element to the prestigious Leaders 2014 Sport Business Summit in London. The conference brought together top industry influencers with the aim of creating an environment for them to network, share ideas, and build relationships capable of helping shape the future of sport. The end results were record-breaking.


Revamped with a new format, and with a redefined brand identity significantly strengthened by a new approach to social, the 7th edition of the two-day conference was the most successful Leaders in Sport Summit yet. It met its dual aims of raising the profile of Leaders while also making the event accessible both for those in attendance and also engaging for outside audiences too.

Taking place in the second week of October at Stamford Bridge, over 1700 prominent delegates were in attendance from 54 countries around the world and representing over 40 different sports. Topics ranged from leadership, digital, brand-building, marketing and governance, of which there was great interest from the online community and those unable to get tickets to the sold-out event.


Strategy was crucial for curating sharable content for an event of this size to ensure that all aspects of the Leaders experience were covered for both the attendees and the outside audience.


We looked at six key aspects that we wanted to ensure were part of the social output; the research gone into the talks; build up to the content; live updates in real-time; high-quality photos across the event; interviews with speakers; and engagement with users through our always-on approach.


The social reach of this year’s Leaders conference was where the most significant gains were seen. Across Twitter alone this was at an unprecedented level, with reach figures showing that over 3.2 million Twitter users were exposed to insight from the conference thanks to our social media strategy.


Through a co-ordinated effort using a wide variety of platforms including Twitter, Instagram and Vine, and creating sharable content taking many forms including short-form video, stop-motion animation and time-lapsing, the Leaders accounts saw growth levels of almost 20% in the 48 hours that We Play oversaw them.

If you would like to get people talking about a sports conference that you are hosting, WePlay can help. We are sports marketing specialists with a primary focus on digital platforms. Get in touch and let’s see if we can help you make your next conference a roaring success.

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