WePlay Daily: The Biggest Sports Marketing Stories – Delivered To You Via WhatsApp

By Andre News, WePlay Comments Off on WePlay Daily: The Biggest Sports Marketing Stories – Delivered To You Via WhatsApp

Since the inception of WePlay, we have always provided value to the sports industry through our expertise and insights derived from working within the industry alongside leading organisations and brands.

With consumer behaviour moving towards a mobile world, we have taken another successful step in our endeavour to educate and inform the sports industry, and this time we do so through WhatsApp. We’re calling it, the ‘WePlay Daily’.


What is the WePlay Daily?

The WePlay Daily is a free to subscribe WhatsApp channel with the best sports marketing, business and technology news from across the world, curated by the digital sports experts at WePlay.

The WePlay Daily is broadcasted Monday – Friday and is exclusive to Whatsapp, providing subscribers with the highlights on everything you need to know about digital marketing, social media, technology and business news, and its impact on the sports industry.

Sent once per day, subscribers will receive a carefully curated selection of news and analysis, all focused on the intersection of where sport meets digital.


How to subscribe

To subscribe, simply add WePlay’s number 07961071040 (add +44 before the number if you are not in United Kingdom) to your mobile phone address book and send us a WhatsApp message with the word Join.

You will start receiving your WePlay Daily updates as soon as you complete the subscription process.

For more details on how to subscribe to WePlay Daily follow the steps demonstrated below:

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