State of Play – Are You Serious About Social?

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Welcome to the April edition of State of Play, our free monthly intelligence report with the actionable insights and digestible analysis to help you win in the Digital Age

This month, we are shining the spotlight on social media, exploring:

  • Impact of TikTok paid amplification tools
  • Three takeaways for Twitch success
  • Facebook’s answer to Clubhouse

Client Corner

Taking a look behind the scenes at our active campaign insights, testing, and the actions we’re taking to help our clients win

The Price of Performance

As a performance marketing agency, we’re always focusing on the tangible outcomes of our campaigns, not merely the creative outputs.

With the introduction of new boosting features on TikTok, brands and agencies alike now have the opportunity to increase the engagement and views of their organic content through paid amplification. There are two primary benefits of this approach:

  1. Increasing views on your content, therefore meaning the algorithm will favour your content more and tend to serve it more on people’s feeds

  2. Increasing the total followers on your TikTok account

The TikTok Ads Manager allows you to track exactly how many new followers that are attributed directly to your campaign, meaning benchmarks can be created to determine how much it costs to obtain a follower.

In tests across our own campaigns, we’ve seen paid video views increase by up to 23x compared to their organic counterparts, attracting thousands of followers to the page at a very competitive cost-per-follow in relation to other platforms such as Facebook & Instagram.

Despite being run with testing budgets, the follower attribution accuracy already positions the benchmarking strength of TikTok favourably compared to Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and others. Therefore, with budgetary constraints due to COVID-19, it will allow organisations to be agile and data-driven in their investment strategy, to achieve maximum ROI.

However, perhaps most interesting will be the impact of attribution in the digital sponsorship space. As digital asset valuation becomes critical to sponsorship discussions, having a clear and performance-driven visibility on the value of your social media audiences will be a powerful position to be in when entering a sales process.

From The Commentary Box

Exploring the latest consumer and industry trends, platform consumption habits, and marketing strategy updates impacting today and shaping tomorrow

Top Twitch Tips

From one platform to another…

With the exponential growth of esports over the past 12 months, the rise of Twitch is hard to ignore. Numbers of both viewers and streamers have more than doubled over the past 12 months* and, with more than half of sports fans showing a strong interest in esports, there is a burgeoning community ready to be engaged and monetised.

Of course, with such a fast-growing platform, the winning playbook isn’t always obvious. At WePlay, we’ve been exploring the data and sharing our key takeaways for success on Twitch.

  1. Consistency:

We’ve seen a strong positive correlation between live broadcasting frequency, and the number of channel followers gained. The graph below depicts this trend in action, showing a clear uplift in followers once channel broadcasting became habitual for users, compared to sluggish growth in a period of sporadic posting

*Source, incl for graph: TwitchTracker & Statista

    2. Content Creation Verticals:

Clearly, regular broadcasting is important for growth, but we all know there can be too much of a good thing. Ensuring that content verticals are varied, fresh, and appeal to a variety of audiences is crucial. Watchalongs, Q&As with top talent, and athletes taking part in their esport equivalent have seen some of the highest levels of engagement.

      3. Know What You Are (And Aren’t):

Many channels and profiles are beholden to the rights agreement of their particular sport. Whilst many profiles are unable to share live sports footage, those that are do not necessarily have a golden ticket to growth. For instance, one channel saw 2.8x more follower growth in the period where they broadcast pre-season friendlies, despite broadcasting 15x less hours than comparable periods. Thus, tent-pole moments may be beneficial in the short term, but they shouldn’t be at the detriment of a long-term content strategy.*

*Source: TwitchTracker

On The Lookout

The latest brand movements, platform updates, and BETA products that we’re keeping an eye on

Facebook's Hotline (Bling)

Audio social media platform, Clubhouse, has taken up its fair share of column inches in recent months. It is therefore unsurprising that Facebook has looked to dip its toe in the audio social waters. Their new app, Hotline, is a web-based app that takes the engagement features from Clubhouse but re-brands them with more visual and text tools, such as the ability for hosts to video stream.

Listeners have the option to ask questions in the forum which can be up or downvoted by fellow listeners. Each session will be recorded and the host will receive an MP3 and MP4 version once it finishes. Although still in the testing phase, it is an interesting further development in the world of audio social and the inclusion of video, allowing creators to repurpose content across the social infrastructure, may give Facebook a competitive advantage.*

*Source, incl gif: Social Media Today

(Burger) King of the Court

Digital Partnerships are a crucial vertical for organisations to grow their revenues in the Digital Age. A particularly innovative example of two organisations doing this successfully has been Burger King Spain encouraging NBA 2K21 players to complete an in-game challenge for the chance to win food.

The collaboration marks a blurring of the digital and physical worlds, offering sports fans the chance to co-create content with their favourite brands – benefiting both the rights holder and the partner brand. It is not the first time Burger King have seen success in this area, with a prior partnership with Stevenage FC delivering exceptional returns.

Digital partnerships allow brands and rights holders to reach new and extremely large audiences from across the globe within their native environment and, as Burger King demonstrated, in commercially innovative ways. Next time you’re feeling peckish, it may be time to fire up the PS4…

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