How to leverage social media to promote your offline marketing activities? Case study with PSG and MoneyGram.

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Whether you are an online or offline business, social media can be a perfect way to amplify your marketing activities.

Here are a few things to consider before jumping in and a recent case study for one of our clients:

  • Objectives: Firstly, you need to set your objectives. What are you looking to achieve? Brand awareness, positive sentiment, consumer interactions, long-term relationships or straight up sales?

  • Audience: Fundamentally you need to know if your target market is active on social media. There are 1.4 billion people on Facebook, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your audience is ready and waiting.

  • Distribution: Think about how you plan to reach your target audience. The targeting options within Facebook are extensive and advertising costs can be minimal in comparison to other media buying (if clever).

  • Integration: It is crucial that any offline activity is integrated with your social media activity. Social media allows the brand to extend the advertising story with more depth, giving context and reason for your viewers to engage.

  • Simplicity: Do not confuse your audience with your message. You need to make sure all marketing communications are consistent across all channels.

Case study: Promoting a TV show for Paris Saint-Germain

We were recently tasked by MoneyGram, a leading international money transfer company to promote a TV show they had developed in partnership with French football club and Ligue 1 Champions, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

Objective: To reach a new French based audience by increasing brand awareness through the sponsorship of PSG.

To promote this sponsorship, MoneyGram have a popular Facebook page and Twitter account.

The creative activation was an organized TV show, presented by Alexandre Ruiz and broadcasted on beIN Sports. It featured five PSG players being interviewed about their lives and some entertaining and interactive games.

Our task was to promote the show on social media. We developed the strategy, created content and handled all distribution to maximise on the reach and awareness of the activation.

The TV Show promotion was around 3 axes:

  • An online draw. Prior to the show, we encouraged consumers to subscribe to the MoneyGram website for the exclusive chance of being at the show

  • The first episode of the TV Show broadcasted on beIN Sports France on May 24.

  • The second episode of the TV Show broadcasted on beIN Sports France on May 31.

Examples of content output

Approach and results

We used a mixture of sponsored content and Facebook ‘dark posts’ (ads that do not show up on the timeline) to reach highly targeted audiences

Facebook offers the most extensive targeting options of any paid media platform.

Our social approach generated 3,000+ click-throughs to the Moneygram website with posts promoting the chance to be in the TV show audience.

In total we reached over a million people interested in Paris Saint-Germain whilst the TV Show has been mentioned 2,049 times on Twitter.

With Facebook Video, we were able to see a staggeringly high engagement rate of 25% with our content, much of this was organic. The video teaser itself has been viewed over 215,000 times.

These examples show how offline marketing activities can be amplified by social media marketing, enabling brands to reach more people, reinforce your brand identity and generate customers.

Social media gives you the perfect opportunity to bridge a gap between online and offline marketing.

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