Intelligence: The Foundation Of Successful Performance-Driven Campaigns

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Intelligence is the foundation of all successful performance-driven campaigns.

To build highly targeted and effective digital OTT campaigns, it’s important to combine data-driven insights with a commercially focused analysis and strategy.

This means taking a wider look at the content you’re producing, the platforms you’re using and the audience you’re trying to reach. Each of these should be benchmarked against past performance to create a 360-degree view of your digital marketing mix.

Taken as a whole, these commercial, data, audience and content learnings can then be deployed into a full-scale OTT strategy that will ensure you achieve a maximum ROI.

But the first step in any performance-driven strategy is to identify, analyse and segment your audience.

Understanding your audience.

Today’s sports fan is multifaceted, using numerous devices and media platforms to access content and engage with brands, clubs and players.

In the UK & US, 1 in 3 fans now watch live sports exclusively via streaming subscriptions.¹ Younger generations are fuelling adoption, as 70% of millennial and Gen Z households now have a paid OTT streaming subscription.²

For OTT providers, it’s vital to blend audience insights, historical data and market research to reach the ‘micro’ level of customer understanding.

As a general rule of thumb, we begin by analysing an organisation’s platform and customer journey, including:

This generates a complete picture of the ideal consumer and helps deliver campaigns that maximise spend and drive commercial success.

What do OTT audiences look like?

By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key differentiator between brands.³

To engage with a new generation of sports fans, OTT providers must deliver on modern values like choice, control and convenience. Increasingly, this means offering services such as downloadable content and archive programming to engage fans outside of live-only events.

As a collective, OTT audiences are heavily driven by fandom. Nowadays, popular stars bring modern fans closer to the action. Social media plays a key role in this 24/7 content cycle, as fans are able to follow their favourite athletes’ lives like never before.

A tailored, performance-driven approach.

Targeting the right audience requires a tailored approach, since casual fans are tough to convert into regular paying subscribers.

OTT providers need to find their niche and apply multiple filters and touchpoints to ensure the right audience is targeted with the right message at the right time.

At WePlay, we do this by defining key audience indicators that help identify hardcore fans who are more likely to purchase a subscription model.

We define these key audience indicators by asking ourselves questions like (but not limited to):

  1. Where is this fan located?
  2. Are there any specific cultural learnings or nuances to consider?
  3. Has this person shown an interest (e.g. follow a Facebook or Instagram page) in a specific sport, player or category?
  4. Has this fan engaged with multiple pieces of content?
  5. Is this user subscribed to another OTT service?
  6. What can we learn from their online buying behaviour?

Depending on which audience segment the consumer falls into, they get targeted with a different approach.

Potential customers who tend to watch longer-form content based on their viewing habits for example might be targeted with an educational YouTube video, whilst someone who enjoys reading articles might be targeted by display advertising based on their behaviour on social media.

In summary, make sure you build the foundation of your performance-driven OTT strategy by combining data-driven insights with a commercially focused analysis and strategy.

Take a proactive approach with your marketing – instead of waiting for the audience to come to you, take your product to your audience.

Start off by identifying, analysing and segmenting. Understand who your audience is, and tailor your approach specifically for them; this will allow you to reach your audience successfully, and maximise your ROI.

At WePlay, we’re a new kind of sports marketing agency, combining a blend of data and analysis, strategy and consultancy, creative production, and media planning and buying to engage global sports audiences and convert them into paying subscribers.

If you want to equip yourself with the tools, tactics and techniques needed to increase awareness of your OTT product and service, acquire new customers and boost retention, download our Playbook ‘How To Win On OTT: Strategies For OTT Sports Broadcasters To Drive Revenue & Results’ here.

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