Company Day Q4 2019: Authenticity

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Friday 13th December 2019 marked the last Company Day of the year for WePlay, where we looked back on a successful 2019, and looked forward to what 2020 will have in store. Our Company Days are quarterly and always built around a theme – the previous one for example was centered around the theme of ‘Getting Comfortable in the Uncomfortable’. This time, the day focused on the theme of ‘Authenticity’.

We define authenticity as being real and transparent, taking responsibility for our performance, and holding ourselves accountable at all times. We acknowledge that everyone has vulnerabilities, and that there will be challenges on our journey. We, however, do not shy away from them; we welcome them, because how we react to these challenges defines our success.

We not only include this theme in our day-to-day interactions with each other, but also in our work with our clients. Because we are open and transparent with them, we are able to communicate effectively and tackle any challenges head-on, resulting in strong and meaningful relationships built on trust. For example, if we believe our client can achieve better results and aim for a higher target, we will encourage setting a higher target. Even if this means a higher level of accountability and responsibility for us, we remain true to our belief of wanting to achieve the best possible results for our clients, and trust our abilities to deliver for them.

As mentioned, ‘authenticity’ was the underlying theme in the various presentations and workshops on the day itself. Our CEO Luca kicked things off by going through our 2019 in numbers: 

2 new international offices in Paris and Madrid, 2 ‘How To Win Playbooks’, 18 new Players joining, 90% client retention, 100% staff increase, 300% revenue growth, 600% average ROAS on all campaigns, and £58m in direct measurable revenue generated for our clients.

To ensure that all departments are on the same level playing field, Client Services Director Kenny shared an honest and detailed SWOT analysis of the agency with the team. This allowed everyone to both celebrate the areas we have excelled in as a team, and at the same time highlight areas we could improve upon.

The biggest reflection of ‘authenticity’ on the day, however, came when the leadership team presented the strategic plan for 2020. This included sharing details about the intended hiring process, ambitious (financial) targets, and how we will continue to establish ourselves as an authority in the industry.

The level of detail and authenticity made a big impact on the room, especially since some Players weren’t used to this level of transparency and humility. It made everyone realise that they are part of a team where everyone is open and honest, and willing to go the extra mile for each other. 

Before wrapping up the day, it was time for the inaugural WePlay Awards of the Year, in order to honour the top-performing Players of the past 12 months and recognise their fantastic achievements throughout the year.

The most prestigious award was the ‘Player of the Year’ trophy, as voted for by all WePlay employees.

Strategy Lead, Michael Harvey and Campaign Manager, Luke Randall made the podium in second and third respectively, but the deserved winner this year was our Creative Lead, Vini Rodrigues. Truly embodying WePlay and its values as a person, he went above and beyond over the last 12 months to help the company and his peers. Congratulations to him & all other winners on the day.

Following what was a thoroughly energising and motivating Company Day, it was now time for our Christmas party. After a tasty three-course meal, Secret Santa and a few boozy sing songs, the team headed to Winter Wonderland over in Hyde Park, to truly sign off the year in style.

2020 will be a year in which we strive to remain at the forefront of the industry, bring authenticity to everything that we do and continue delivering fantastic results and unparalleled performance for our clients.

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