5 of the best video formats to engage audiences on a small budget

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As a content marketing function, video needs to be at the heart of your marketing strategy. Video marketing doesn’t need Hollywood production value either. In this article, we share some of our work and highlight low budget content to capture the attention of your audiences.


1. Animated GIFs, the perfect way to entertain your followers

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, GIFs are a simple and efficient way to get your branded content shared by millions. With sites like Giphy.com, you can leverage GIFs further by creating a channel, tagging your animations and allowing your content to end up in their very popular open-source marketplace. An easy way to see your content travel. Awesome eh? 

2. With Scratchreels, your followers can literally play with your content

Scratchreels are pretty new to the short format video scene, but they’re making a big impact and we love them. With a Scratchreel, your followers control the speed and movement of your video. Followers can play with the content, making it faster, slower or they can even make it go backwards. Followers can literally become social media DJ’s, scratching their way through your video content. 

Here’s an example for one of our clients, the Mixed Martial Arts organisation, Cage Warriors Fighting Championships.

3. Hypnotise your audience with Cinemagraphs 

Here’s a new one for you! The latest trend in short form content marketing, Cinemagraphs. What you say? Cinemagraphs enable you to bring a still image to life through subtle animations. These videos are the glossy editorial advert to the digital world and everyone needs to be taking advantage of them. Cinemagraphs are the perfect way for brands to enrich their content stream. What’s more, they are a form of video, so they’ll penetrate through those boring, dull and static timelines. They also don’t require high production value, just a capable designer.

Cinemagraphs are the perfect way for brands to enrich their content stream.

This example for our client Yokohama Tyres brings to life the Chelsea FC matchday graphic, whilst taking nothing away from the focus of the information and the players. 

4. Go Live!

Facebook Live has taken off over the last year as it gives you the power to interact, react and connect with your audience like never before. As a feature, Facebook Live enables you to create authentic, raw and in-the-moment content that audiences crave. With ‘Live’, we have a feature that reiterates the fact that you do not need a high-grade budget to create amazing video content.

5. Show your fans the full picture with 360 video

And finally, one video content format that has been doing the rounds is 360-degree videos. 360-degree videos have blown up in 2016 thanks to the Virtual Reality revolution. The greatness of 360-degree video lies in the fans intrigue and the fact that you never know what’s around the corner.

So there you have it, five simple, quick and effective ways to boost your engagement with minimal spend. If video content is on your agenda (which it has to be, c’mon) and you’re not currently incorporating these formats into your sports digital marketing strategy, get in touch with WePlay and let us come up with some ideas for you. Drop us a line via our contact page

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