23 Dec 2016

BETDAQ – Sports Betting


Content marketing and influencer outreach for leading sports betting exchange

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BETDAQ approached us to implement social media best-practices and a long-term digital strategy in conjunction with its in-house social media team.


  • Raise social market share against competitors

  • Increase brand awareness organically using influencers

  • Increase referrals and platform growth to lead to data capture and deposits

Client: BETDAQ

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Social Media Audit

Social Media Strategy

Facebook Application

Content Creation

Unique infographics every month

Influencer Outreach

Brand Measuring and Monitoring


Our work with BETDAQ covers a number of areas, from developing the brand identity and engaging audiences with the most talked-about sporting events to creating unique, shareable content, amplified via influencers.

We assist BETDAQ with the creation of branded content in accordance with their guidelines. Content is created in the formats of a Facebook app, infographics, promotional offers as well as developing competitions, quizzes and educational pieces around exchange betting.

We also developed a calendar for all sporting events to ensure content is developed with plenty of lead time ahead of the event.

Our network of social media super-influencers gives us an amassed audience of more than 35 million sports fans.

Using a combination of our far-reaching network, as well as BETDAQ’s owned channels and existing earned audience, we amplify the reach of the high-quality content we produce for the client.

With the brand exposed to numerous audiences across its website, Twitter, mobile app and custom landing pages, we developed a definitive identity for BETDAQ to ensure the audience experiences an engaging brand with consistent message.

Our ultimate KPI’s with BETDAQ are to influence lead generation, new sign-ups and transactions. As we monitor this process we’re also able to collect valuable customer behaviour data which influences future campaign executions.

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