24 Feb 2017

Aspire Channel Swim


Delivering a 30% increase in fundraising revenues for the Aspire Channel Swim



Aspire Charity, the organisers of the Aspire Channel Swim appointed WePlay to raise awareness of the project and increase sign-ups for their 2016 campaign.

Client: Aspire 


Digital Advertising Strategy

Content Creation Strategy

Programmatic Display & Retargeting Campaign

Paid Social Media Campaign


  • To raise awareness of the Aspire Channel Swim through a multi-channel digital media campaign

  • To increase the number of sign-ups participating in the Aspire Channel Swim

  • To deliver against the commercial fundraising target and show measurable performance vs the previous year


As a participation event, the Aspire Channel Swim competes with a wealth of competitions that advocate the ‘get active, make a difference’ message.

The market has no shortage of events for the public to participate in, therefore our approach needed to expand beyond marketing to large generic group audiences and opt for a highly targeted direct to participant strategy.

As with any targeting strategy, it is important to utilise a ‘multivariate approach’ to reach different segments of the audience with different messaging. Using a mixture of cutting-edge geo-targeting, web re-targeting through programmatic (automated ‘ai’ based media buying) and paid social media across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we made the Aspire Channel Swim 2016 their most successful campaign to date.

The results of the campaign were significant, with an increase in participation year on year by 24%, with over 5,700 people participating, generating a huge 30% increase in fundraising revenues.

WePlay have since begun planning the 2017 campaign. To find out more information about Aspire, click here 


People reached
Increase in participation Y-O-Y
Swimmers Participated (1K increase Y-O-Y)
Increase in fundraising revenue generated Y-O-Y
  • We cannot thank WePlay enough for their knowledge, but also for their enthusiasm and care. We know we will never be a big client on their books, but we always felt important and we still do.

    Paul Parish, Marketing Director
    Paul Parish, Marketing Director
    Aspire Channel Swim

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