WePlay launch immersive infographic for Yokohama as part of Chelsea FC partnership

Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd. were established 99 years ago and to mark the occasion,WePlay have produced a new piece of immersive content, enabling fans to explore the history of both Chelsea FC and Yokohama.

Instead of a photograph, WePlay have launched a 360-degree infographic to allow Chelsea FC fans to experience the club and Yokohama’s history and achievements, since both were founded in the early 1900’s.

Images from the very first time Chelsea FC lifted the First Division trophy, are visible, right through to more recent times, when Yokohama were announced as the official shirt partner of the club in 2015.

Click on the image to experience the full effect.


WePlay have combined the power of infographics with the opportunity of 360-degree content to develop an innovative approach to engage Yokohama’s audience.

“Successful digital marketing is about communicating with your audience in engaging and novel ways, using the latest technology to cut through the white noise of social media.

“Sports rightsholders and brands are all trying to communicate to similar audiences in similar ways, so providing your clients with a point of difference is critical to achieving success.

“This is why we are investing in 360 infographics to help bring content to life in a dynamic and interactive manner.” – Luca Massaro, WePlay CEO

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