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Case Study: Unveiling the ‘LinkedIn of Football’

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Fieldoo.com is the new single destination for Football players and Agents to network.

The Brief
  • To let the mass audience know that the idea of Fieldoo is spreading with thousands of players from 100+ countries
  • To present the idea, meaning and all the important features of Fieldoo
  • To communicate that Fieldoo’s agent’s platform is launching
  • To describe the benefits of Fieldoo for all users & industry in general
Our Approach

We Play positioned Fieldoo as a professional social network for football, we coined the term “LinkedIn for football” so that parallels could be drawn easily. We collated a list of potential writers, bloggers and online news sources who may be interested in covering the story and approached them all with a press release and the opportunity for further insights such as interviews, insights and guest blogs.

Press releases:

Fieldoo.com, the football career network for players and agents, representing a new era of practice for the 21st century

Fieldoo.com – A game-changing football network for players and agents


A Football Report – Is the Internet changing the transfer market? We talk with Jure Doler, co-founder of Fieldoo

Anchorfan – Fieldoo; The social networking platform bringing football players and agents together online

Caught Offside – Fieldoo: A Game-Changing Football Network for Players and Agents

Digital-Football – Fieldoo: LinkedIn social network for footballers and agents


Goal.com Africa – Fieldoo to launch Agent and Scout platform

Goal.com India – Fieldoo.com launches Agent and Scout Platform

Goal.com US – Fieldoo, game-changing network for soccer players and agents

Goal.com US – Talent shouldn’t go unnoticed

Goal.com Italy – E’ nato Fieldoo, il nuovo social network in stile ‘LinkedIn’ rivolto al mondo del calcio

Karl Lusbec – Fieldoo: When LinkedIn Meets Football

La Gazzetta Della Sport – Social network. Nasce Fieldoo, il nuovo “LinkedIn” per calciatori professionisti

Outside of the boot – Fieldoo


UK Sport Network – Fieldoo.com, the football career network for players and agents

We also received some additional coverage via tweets from these highly influential individuals:

If you’re a young footballer you need to get on here. RT “@fieldoo: 1000 football Agents & Scouts on Fieldoo.com board!”

— FourFourTom (@FourFourTom) March 27, 2013

— FourFourTom (@FourFourTom) March 26, 2013

Transfer maken of spelersmakelaar willen worden? Maak een profiel aan op Fieldoo, het LinkedIN voor voetballers! bit.ly/ZpqCIJ

— Demy de Zeeuw (@DemydeZeeuw) March 14, 2013

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