Snapchat’s new API. What we know so far…

Snapchat is in the process of unleashing a new way to buy and test ads, here is what we know so far…

The platform has kicked its API up a notch which means that third party partnerships are now able to infiltrate the app and post ads for brands and agencies alike. This is their first venture into programmatic advertising and while this new step was officially unveiled in June, until recently the ins and outs of the system remained completely unknown.

Four months later and A/B testing has been launched so you are able to experiment with different styles and concepts and then alter your buys accordingly to what looks and works best.

The platform has already promised a fair few concepts… From email matching, to interest-based targeting and the creation of “lookalike” models which enables you to find copycat consumers for specific campaigns.

“Snapchat will make it easier for them (advertisers) to buy Snap ads at scale in a streamlined fashion and they will be able to apply real-time data, performance visualisation and other analytics tools.” – Lance Neuhauser, CEO of 4C, Snapchat partner 

The visualisations mentioned will be coming in the form of a dashboard that will allow advertisers to physically see how adverts are performing in terms of views, time spent watching and general real time reporting. Knowledge is power and is precisely what advertisers require to flex their campaigns. You can also see how your adverts are performing platform v platform and adjust them where necessary.


The API has some pretty high tech capabilities that mean that Snapchat will finally be able to rival Facebook and Twitter, when it comes to ‘second screen companions’.

The company is taking a slow and steady approach to opening up its API to avoid flooding the system. Currently, only a select group of companies are able to plug their ads in via the API while partnering media companies producing content on Discover, are not yet allowed to use the tools. While frustrating for them, this seems like both a logical and sensible approach to take while the likes of Nissan, McDonalds and Unilever test the waters first.

Snapchat firmly positioning themselves in the market as the go to platform for brands to reach consumers… and these statistics will show you why.


As programmatic advertising evolves, the challenge is understanding the science and combining it with the art of content production, that drives people to act and engage.

“At WePlay, programmatic is the bridge between content marketing to global sports audiences and conversions for our clients”

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