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Analysing Trends

WWE: A Roaring Social Media Success Story

Taking place this month was the annual WWE 2014 Slammy Awards ceremony, professional wrestling’s equivalent to the Oscars. Over 3.7 million viewers tuned in to witness the action which consists of categories dedicated to everything ranging from Superstar of the Year to the forward-thinking awards of Hashtag of the Year and Social Media…

Can Social Media Help the ISL Become the New Destination in World Football?

Social media is a powerful driver of audiences. With sports fans some of the most loyal and engaged in the world, can platforms such as Twitter help the newly formed ISL become the top emerging league, worldwide?

Rooney v McIlroy: Comparing Their Social Profiles

England captain Wayne Rooney has now reached 10 million followers on twitter (@WayneRooney). This landmark comes at a time when he is currently serving a 3 match suspension for his first red card as Manchester United’s captain. To what extent has the level of conversation…

#RyderCup2014 set to be an historic tournament for social media

This looks set to be the ‘most social’ Ryder Cup in history, with 69,683 tweets already around the tournament in the last 24 hours.

Crystal Palace Backlash as Sponsor Announces New Manager

Crystal Palace have seemingly allowed shirt sponsor Neteller to announce their new manager, representing the first time a sponsor has been allowed to report major news, before the club itself.

Beckham and Fergie Retire: The Twitter Analysis

We look at how David Beckham’s retirement spread across the web and how it compares to other high profile retirees

What is the Impact of an FA Cup upset across the Social Landscape?

Which FA Cup upset created the biggest impact on Twitter and which were the top tweets from the fans and clubs?

Which BPL Football Teams Have the Best Twitter Engagement?

Which Premier League clubs are speaking to fans during the game? We’ve looked at how many times they’ve been tweeted during a 90 minute match and how many times they responded.

Which NFL Team has the Happiest Fan Base?

Back in November we posted some analysis on which Premier League fans were happiest, and now, we turn our attention to the NFL.

Battle for NY: How the Nets Took Over Brooklyn

Since the Dodgers played their last game at Ebbots Field in 1957, Brooklyn hasn’t had a professional sports team to call its own. However, the 2012-13 NBA season tip-off ended this 55 year hiatus, as the Nets now call Brooklyn home.

Is a London Franchise of the NFL a Possibility?

Over recent years, the NFL has become more and more of a global sport with ever-expanding audiences and fan bases growing worldwide.

Predicting the Next President of the United States Using Twitter Analysis

We took a stab at predicting the Presidential Elections using Twitter data. Look how close we came…

Which Premier League Team has the Happiest Fans?

Sentiment analysis from Tweets featuring club hastags reveal which Premier League Team has the happiest fans.

Chelsea vs Manchester United: The Twitter Analysis

What are the most influential moments in football? How quickly do scores surge through the mainstream funnels and how important are the fan communities?

Who Will Be The Next Premier League Manager To Be Sacked?

It’s pretty much every week you hear about who the next manager to be sacked is. A bad performance against a weaker team or letting your captain go to your rivals (I’m looking at you Mr Wenger) is enough to get the rumour mill talking about getting the chop.