Facebook 101: How to post successfully

Whenever something appears on your Facebook news feed, it has been carefully chosen by Facebook’s complex algorithm. Facebook’s algorithm changes all the time, making it hard for brands and people to understand which criteria Facebook’s choices are based on.

Nevertheless, there are some guidelines, which is recommended to follow when wanting a story to appear on news feeds.

Firstly, it is important to understand Facebook’s objective when choosing what appears on your news feed. Facebook’s main goal is to choose content that you find interesting and you’ll read, comment, like and share. The more interesting you find the content, the more time you spend on Facebook and the more ads will be served to you. Only the most interesting content chosen by the Facebook algorithm will appear on your news feed, selected from a much wider content pool.

As the number of people and companies who post on Facebook grows, there is more competition to appear on the limited space on the news feed. This has resulted in a lowered reach on posts made on Facebook and therefore it becomes increasingly important to understand what the Facebook algorithm prefers when you post on Facebook.

The important factors to focus on

To choose what appears on the Facebook news feed, the algorithm assigns each story a personalised relevancy score, tailored to individual users, and puts the most relevant story on top of that person’s news feed.

The algorithm factors thousands of signals in, but there are four core aspects to focus on.

Who posted it – The more interaction you have previously made with a person or a page, the more Facebook thinks you will be interested in their future posts. Interaction can be visiting a page, tagging someone or liking a post. This is why you never see stories appearing in your news feed from friends you haven’t interacted with in a long time.

How other people engaged with the post – If a high percentage of people have engaged with a Facebook post, then that post is more likely to appear on more news feeds as well. Therefore, it is important to post stories that are engaging, as this naturally increases the possibility of stories appearing on people’s news feeds.

What type of post is it – The more a person typically engages with a certain kind of post (status, link, photo, video, event etc.) the more Facebook will show that person the specific type of post. If you like videos, then Facebook will serve you videos.

When it was posted – If a post has been made recently, it is more likely to be shown on newsfeeds. However, Facebook detects when a person was last online, so if a person hasn’t been online for a week, a big story five days ago may still appear at the top of a person’s news feed. It is curating content based on your past preferences.

In summary, the recommendation is to post engaging content that is the type of post that hits the browsing habits of your targeted audience. Moreover, the post should be posted when users are online and active to make it relevant.

It is important to stimulate your audience to make sure your story appears on people’s news feeds.

There you go, you are now all set to be successful when posting on Facebook.