How Brands Aced Wimbledon 2015

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Wimbledon 2015 has come to an end and Novak Djokovic defended his title against seven-time champion Roger Federer in an exciting four set final (7-6, 6-7, 6-4, 6-3).

In the Women’s final Serena Williams saw off Spain’s Garbine Muguruza (6-4, 6-4) to win Wimbledon for the sixth time.

The famous tournament is staying true to its traditions as Lewis Hamilton had to experience when being rejected by the Royal Box for not complying with the jacket and tie rule.

When it comes to digital innovations however, the tournament is at the forefront with its social media channels. The latest edition of the oldest tennis tournament in the world has set an example of best practices in using social media for sports reporting, including match footage, time-lapse videos, Instagram posts, Periscope takeover and its very own Wimbledon emojis.

Tweets about Wimbledon generated 8 billion impressions (views) on Twitter and across the web.

How did the sponsors fare?

The hype around the most iconic of all tennis tournaments has spread around the world, and over the last 2 weeks we have taken a closer look at the different activations and how the social media world has reacted to them via our real-time social intelligence tool – NUVI.


There were 1,211 mentions of the main sponsors linked to the key word ‘Wimbledon’. 756 of these were original mentions reaching a potential audience of 5,332,564. In addition, 402 unique profiles made a total of 455 re-shares spreading the mentions to an additional 554,655 people.

A closer look reveals that of the 1,211 mentions, 445 mentions (37%) had a positive sentiment and only 29 mentions (2%) were negative. The other 737 mentions (61%) were classified as neutral, or not very emotional in either direction.


The activations that created the most buzz throughout the last two weeks were initiated by Evian, IBM and Robinsons.


Evian – Official Water Supplier (since 2008)


Evian were producing the #Wimblewatch series that broadcasted every morning at 11am on The first episode featured Maria Sharapova and the rest of the series included a range of special guests, from celebrities to bloggers, to tennis fans discussing all the highlights from the previous day including analysis and reactions.

They also had a ton of onsite activations in their ‘Live young suite’ with VIP guests, which lead to communications via social media. With 121 mentions “Evian” occupied 10% of the conversations around the Wimbledon sponsorship.

IBM – Official Information Technology Supplier (since 1990)


The American technology giant IBM designed the new Wimbledon website and application for the prestigious tennis tournament. They are also the chief data partner, this enables them to turn the activation into something meaningful, to guarantee the best fan experience possible.

Tennis-savvy data experts were watching over the tournament from two large ‘bunkers’ equipped with the latest technology within the Wimbledon broadcast centre. IBM also employed amateur tennis players and experts in the game to sit court-side with their laptops and confirm the data captured by sensors and cameras, such as ball speed and trajectory, were accurate.

Social media followers, especially those with an interest in technology, appreciated the behind the scenes look and shared IBM’s efforts with their audience.


Robinsons – Official Soft Drink Supplier (since 1935)


Robinsons have celebrated their 80th anniversary of the tournament sponsorship with a nationwide ball hunt. With VIP tickets up for grabs, this activation has lead to some big wins for the brand.

@DrinkRobinsons ranked #1 on ‘Most Mentions’ and ‘Most Re-shares’ and the campaign hashtag #HuntForWimbledon also ranked #1 for trending hashtags.

The campaign lead to great engagement with people going out to find the giant tennis balls and posting pictures and selfies.

Robinsons Selfie

We found this tweet that nicely highlights the success of the campaign:

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With over 20,000 mentions on social media, Serena Williams had a dominant Wimbledon both on and off the court. She wasn’t the only one celebrating success with the brands who invested in sponsoring the tournament clearly taking advantage of the opportunities available.

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