02 Sep 2013

Free Leaderboard with Every Social Media Audit

‘Social media’ is a broad horizon, and while you may think your current approach to social media is sufficient, you won’t realise the full potential until your strategy is measured against your competition and the overall market.

We Play offers a best-in-class social media audit across all platforms and channels to identify strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. We can draw detailed comparisons against your top competitors and highlight key areas in which you can pull away from your rivals.

And for a short period of time only, we are offering a dynamic interactive social media leaderboard (worth £1,500) to monitor and manage any key metrics you choose free with every social media audit.*

What Elements Does the Social Media Audit Include?

A We Play comprehensive social media audit includes:

  • Brand and Target audience analysis
  • Competitor and benchmarking analysis
  • Tracking engagement, reach and amplification through KPI development
  • Content and Campaign analysis
  • Monitoring audience behaviours
  • Identifying your biggest social media influencers

What is a Social Media Leaderboard and Why Do I Need One?

Leaderboard Shot

Being first and foremost sports fans, we have a knack for putting things into leaderboards to see who is on top and who isn’t performing so well. Working with our partners, Leaderboarded, we create our own leaderboards for a number of different subjects, including the Social Media Premier League, which rewards clubs that grow their fan-bases on Facebook and Twitter, while the biggest betting companies battle it out in our Twitter Betting League.

The leaderboards are entirely customisable and will track any metrics that you wish to set. Here’s how our clients are using leaderboards:

  • Benchmarking against competitors
  • Monitoring own social media channels
  • Monitoring products and sub-brands
  • Monitoring staff or player social media channels
  • Turbo charging competitions and campaigns
  • Empowering fans surrounding live events

*Leaderboard will be free for first 3 months. Then £500 per month thereafter. 

Ready to Revolutionise your Digital Strategy?

This opportunity to revolutionise your digital presence and maximise your social media potential is not to be missed. For more information about our services or the social media leaderboards, please email us directly – hello@weplay.co

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