Five things you must do on a matchday to build your brand, increase engagement and monetise your social audience

If you run a club or rightsholder’s social media channels, work in the press team or the marketing and commercial teams, then these are the Top 5 matchday tips for you to maximise these regular shop windows for your business. 

 This is how you reach your current fans, engage news fans and convert this sentiment into commercial opportunities. Add real value to your channels and revenue to your commercial strategy. 


Real-time video content – Video is the dominant force on social media and real-time social media highlights increase your engagement rate, attract attention, are supported by Facebook’s algorithm which increases the reach of video content uploaded into Facebook, get widely shared and can be commercialised as a new content vertical.

Exclusive content – Take fans to places where their match tickets or TV subscription cannot take them, into the inner sanctum of your team environment. Such insight appeals to hardcore and casual supporters alike provoking intrigue and curiosity, while creating a ‘sponsorable’ piece of value add content. Sponsorable content is content which is of a sufficient quality or fan value which could be packaged as a commercial opportunity for brands or partners. 

Live video – Live video is ‘free’ in the fact that there is no charge to display it on Facebook or Twitter (via Periscope) but it does take time and resources from your internal budget. Live video adds authenticity and creates a direct point of engagement with supporters. Be creative, commit to it and use key player assets wherever possible to add profile. This includes Facebook Live, Periscope and Instagram Stories.


Innovative content activations – Social Media is a congested market place so to stand out from the crowd, you need to innovate and offer something unique to achieve engagement and attract interest. Innovative content features achieve this and cut through the ‘white noise’ of social media. So, be different and stand out. This could be Go Pro cameras on the substitutes bench to tunnel cameras, or player / staff point of view camera glasses in the warm-up. Do this well, and you could be creating new content verticals to monetise while engaging your fanbase.

Social Listening – Any public facing organisation needs to know what it’s fans and audience are thinking and saying about them. Matchday is a key shop window and is a sacred moment for supporters. Therefore you need to know what is being said, where and when to allow you to engage with those supports and to create content which will satisfy their needs. It also allows you to be pro-active as well as reactive to unfolding events around your matchday. For example Borussia Mönchengladbach temporary changed their Twitter handle to “A German Team” following a confused pub advertising board in Glasgow, which had achieved widespread coverage on social media, 

 If you follow those Top 5 tips then you will be ticking all the key boxes for a successful matchday content strategy. All of these points can be used to complement a traditional live score update model and can work across multiple platforms, as you reach, engage and convert your community. 

 At WePlay, we have taken control of live content strategies from a diverse range of sports from the likes of MMA and football, to cricket and rugby. Many of these strategies are adaptable and their principles transferable. If you would like to hear more then please get in touch