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#indyref: Andy Murray’s brevity causes Social Media Backlash

With a UK record-breaking turnout of more than 90% of the electorate at some polling stations, it is safe to say that yesterday’s referendum truly impressed upon the decision-making Scottish public, as well as onlooking English and European audiences, the importance of campaigning for a vote.

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Four Ways for Sports Teams to use Vine

Sports fans are some of the most loyal and engaged consumers on the planet, but central to this is the requirement for sports brands and teams alike to encapsulate the experience and emotion of fans. Sports teams are continuing to find new ways for 6-second videos to tell their story, keeping up with the consumer’s insatiable desire for snackable content.

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MoneyGram Leverages Social Media to launch Ultimate Cricket Fan 2015

MoneyGram, official money transfer partner of the International Cricket Council (ICC), has stepped up its preparations for the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup in Australia and New Zealand by launching a worldwide search for the Ultimate Cricket Fan.

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Ray Rice and the Ravens: A social media timeline to learn from

By now everyone has heard of Ray Rice, the NFL footballer at the center of a domestic abuse storm after disturbing CCTV footage surfaced of an altercation in an elevator in which his then-fiancée (now wife) was brutally knocked unconscious.

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Sports Brands Ready as Twitter Introduces ‘Buy’ Button

Twitter has today announced that it is rolling out a ‘buy’ button, allowing users to purchase directly from a tweet. Followers will have access to offers and merchandise that are unavailable elsewhere through the Twitter apps for iOS and Android, and brands will be able to utilise the direct and targeted nature of Twitter, to monetise their relationship with fans – making conversation transactional.

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10 Great Twitter Accounts for Social Media News

The We Play team have come together to compile a list of our favourite Twitter accounts for keeping up with industry news. In no particular order, get following these 10…

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