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Transfer Window Summer 2014 – The Twitter Effect

This summer’s transfer window was one of the most eagerly anticipated, with tight competition in both the Premier League and La Liga. The World Cup in Brazil also meant that teams were on the look out for star players and with deadline day having passed, we were not disappointed.

Money – as it always is – was at the centre of debate, but how did the transfer window play out on Twitter?

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How Transfer Deadline Day played out on Twitter

Transfer deadline day was impossible to miss across social media. On Twitter especially, due to the real time nature of the platform and the ideal environment it creates for posting breaking news and footage, football transfer talk was inescapable – with over half a million tweets sent out containing the word ‘transfer’ alone.

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Snapchat’s ‘Our Story’ seeks to Revolutionise Live Social Content

Social media has been incrementally advancing the way we document experiences for a long time, but Snapchat’s new ‘Our Stories’ feature, which was rolled out to all users recently, is potentially a game-changing feature for shared experiences.

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Social Media News Round-Up #27 – The Backlash

Oh yeah! It’s Friday, both the Champions League and Europa League have been drawn, and we are ready for the weekend. But first, here is our round-up of the week’s social media news including Crystal Palace FC, changes to Twitter and ‘click-baiting’.

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How Juventus are leading the way for Football Clubs on Social Media

With the dire state it has been in since the Calciopoli match-fixing scandal of the mid 2000s, Italian football has not had much to shout about. As businesses judged by revenue, assets and on-field success, the clubs and league as a whole have fallen notably behind Europe’s other major footballing nations, England, Spain and Germany. Not so on social media.

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Crystal Palace Backlash as Sponsor Announces New Manager

Crystal Palace FC have officially announced former manager Neil Warnock has returned to the club as head coach, after Tony Pulis quit a week before the Premier League season started. However, the big news wasn’t the appointment itself, but the way in which the news was broken.

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