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New Twitter: Examples, Benefits and Beyond

Twitter has begun to roll-out it’s new design which will help brands promote their products and services. The new look will see posts that have more engagement¬†appearing larger, giving brands the opportunity to showcase their engaging content. Users will also be able to pin tweets to the top of their news feed, making promotion of content more customisable.

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Twitter Remembers Hillsborough

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, and clubs around the world have come together to offer messages of support to Liverpool F.C. and the family and friends of those that lost their lives. Rivalries have been put aside as the football world stands side by side in honour of the 96 victims.

Here is a selection of tweets from football clubs showing how sports and social media can bring fans across the world together in the darkest of moments. You’ll Never Walk Alone.

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Social Media & Sport News Round Up (#15)

Here is a look at some of our favourite stories from the past week, including Twitter’s new facelift, Rangers ‘Ready to Listen’ initiative, PSV’s stadium Wifi and the #ownthemoment planner.

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Fan Engagement: The Cornerstone of Your Social Media Strategy

Engagement is a word routinely used by brands to describe actions they take on social media. The term is banded around so much it’s now being taken for granted that almost any social media post will engage with your audience. The reality is that, no matter how many followers see your post, only those who take further action are truly engaging with it. Creating a fan engagement strategy is therefore crucial for getting the most out of your followers.

Fans are central to any brand as the driving force for long term growth, but how can brands clearly define the way they should go about engaging with their fans and what would be the purpose for said engagement?

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Social Media & Sport News Round Up #14

Here is a look at some of our favourite stories from the past week, including Manchester City Wifi, Red Bull second screen tv, MLB opening day and Nike v adidas gearing up for the World Cup.

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Sports Brands Realising the Value of Social Hubs

It’s largely seen as bad practice in the early stages of fan adoption, to navigate your audience away from social networking sites in which they’re naturally comfortable in. The fan engagement journey requires significant investment from both brand and fan and asking too much of your audience too early in the cycle can result in churn.

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