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The Social Media Reaction to LeBron James’ Return

As LeBron James made his long-awaited return home to the Cleveland Cavaliers where his career started, we take a look at the social media reaction of his opening match against the New York Knicks.

Nike “Together” Advert

Nike’s ‘Together’ LeBron James advert has already received over 1.5 million views within a 24 hour period. This advert embodies the emotion of the game and that the connection between the fans and players together. This advert was released hours before LeBron’s first game back for the Cavs against New York.


LeBron’s Twitter Vote

LeBron took to Twitter to ask his fans whether he should carry on doing his pre game trademark chalk toss or find a new ritual. This vote received 9,000 retweets, with 95% saying he should keep his famous chalk toss.


Snapchat Story: #23 Returns Home

Snapchat covered the event using its ‘stories’ feature, which allowed users to upload and share their pictures throughout the game, offering the audience a more personal experience of a milestone in the Cavaliers’ history.

2014-10-31 07.23.51  2014-10-31 07.24.15 2014-10-31 07.24.46

Twitter goes wild for LeBron

With LeBron the main attraction on the first night of NBA action this season, the share of voice on social media was strongly in  the @Cavs favour, with over 47,000 mentions yesterday. James himself overshadowed the team, with over 83,000 mentions.


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How Sports Brands Can Measure Value on Instagram

Earlier this summer, Instagram revealed plans for an analytics hub for brands and marketers to assess their efforts on the hugely popular photo-sharing platform. With the introduction of promoted posts for the first time into users’ Instagram feeds, the new impetus for brands to plan and measure campaigns at a granular level is helping to shift Instagram from a creative showcase to more of an advertising platform.

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Can Social Media Save Baseball?

The World Series is the greatest spectacle within the Major League Baseball (MLB) calendar and the 2014 season reached its conclusion on Wednesday as the San Francisco Giants took the championship title over Kansas City. Off the field on Twitter, Kansas City out-mentioned San Francisco in a closely fought battle on Twitter with 55% of mentions throughout the series.

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We Play interview FireChat’s CMO about Sport Plans

To follow up on our assessment of whether ‘off-the-grid’ messaging app FireChat would be able to build on its rise to prominence during the Umbrella Movement and carve out a sustained place in the social media landscape, we sought out the platform’s Chief Marketing Officer Christophe Daligault. He agreed to speak more in-depth about the role FireChat had in Hong Kong, and the one it may yet have in enhancing the fan experience of sports fans in 2015 and beyond.

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Apple makes Sport Fans key players in Apple Pay roll out

We live in a world where technology is always striving to make our lives easier and placing themselves at the core of this effort is Apple. This month the corporation unveiled their new form of payment Apple Pay, which seeks to carve a new ‘cardless’ niche in the contactless payment landscape by allowing iOS8 users to purchase products or services at the touch of an iPhone button. Apple’s initial target demographic? Sports fans.

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5 Great Sport-Based Viral Campaigns of 2014

2014 has been a fantastic year for sports-related viral campaigns, this was predominately due to mass global interest throughout the World Cup allowing brands to take advantage of this platform to connect with worldwide consumers.

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