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INPLAY: The New App to Talk Football

An exciting new application is readying itself for release in the coming New Year which is sure to get football fans talking. Defining itself as a ‘contextual messaging app’ INPLAY aims to transform the way in which fans connect, communicate and interact with one another, providing a platform that can be used both for conversations with your friends and also to immerse yourself into fan movements and supports groups. Not only this, but the app has a customisable feature called The Hotwire which may soon become the average fan’s first port of call for the latest football news.

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Abu Dhabi: The Climax of the Formula 1 Season On and Off the Track

“I’m not interested in tweeting, Facebook and whatever this nonsense is. I tried to find out but in any case I’m too old-fashioned. I couldn’t see any value in it.”  These were the sentiments of the unquestionably out-of-touch Formula 1 Chief Executive, Bernie Ecclestone. However, the truth is, 26% of the sport’s fan base is under the age of 35, and maximising all possible platforms is essential not only to grow, but main their existing fan base.

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Sports Brands on Tinder? More than just the Dating Game

Research conducted by The New York Times shows that the average user of the online dating service Tinder is engaged with the app on average for a remarkable an hour and half per day. In addition to this, the latest statistics show that since the app was released two years ago there are nearly one billion swipes per day from users. Although Tinder is yet to be monetising this huge user base, brands are beginning to see it as a platform from which they can target a key demographic of young men or women aged 18-30. With the Oregon College Team breaking the ice as the first sports club to give promoting on Tinder a try, how long until the rest of the industry follows suite?

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Real Madrid and Microsoft Announce new Digital Platform for Fans

Real Madrid have announced a partnership with Microsoft, for the creation of a brand new digital platform for their millions of fans worldwide. Microsoft’s Chairman and Corporate Vice President of Emerging Markets, Orlando Ayala, described the partnership as “maniacally focused on putting fans at the center, and opening access and control of rich content and experiences that bring them closer to their passion for the game and the team.”

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Not all that Glitters is Good Fan Engagement

Last June at the height of the Brazil 2014 World Cup, AB InBev-owned American lager Budweiser was named the fourth best selling beer brand in the world in spite of the gradual loosening of its grip on a US market which it once dominated. A positioning of the brand alongside sport has always been key to Budweiser’s global success, with sponsorships as far back as the 1980s within motor racing and NASCAR, and today it thrives as an official FIFA World Cup sponsor and the largest sponsor of the Super Bowl. However, no brand is impervious to a misstep in fan engagement.

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UK Women’s Football: The Blueprint for a Successful Social Strategy

Following the news that the England women’s football team outsold their male counterparts by shifting a record 55,000 tickets for their upcoming game against Germany at Wembley, it is clear that support for the Women’s game is building to record levels in the UK. The FA Women’s Super League has helped to increase interest dramatically at both club and national level, but what impact has social media had on this influence?

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