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How Juventus are leading the way for Football Clubs on Social Media

With the dire state it has been in since the Calciopoli match-fixing scandal of the mid 2000s, Italian football has not had much to shout about. As businesses judged by revenue, assets and on-field success, the clubs and league as a whole have fallen notably behind Europe’s other major footballing nations, England, Spain and Germany. Not so on social media.

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Crystal Palace Backlash as Sponsor Announces New Manager

Crystal Palace FC have officially announced former manager Neil Warnock has returned to the club as head coach, after Tony Pulis quit a week before the Premier League season started. However, the big news wasn’t the appointment itself, but the way in which the news was broken.

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How to Identify the Right Social Media Influencer [Part 2]

Last week, part 1 of our article looked at how to define a social media influencer, as well as exploring the different types of influencer. This week, we will discuss how to reach out and build up your influencer network, as well as showcasing some good examples of influencer utilisation by brands.

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5 Popular Hashtags Your Sports Brand Needs to Use!

As community management specialists, we believe exciting and engaging content output doesn’t necessarily have to stay away from mainstream trends. Here are five hashtags with mass appeal that sports brands can get on board with – not just on Twitter, but across all social media platforms that use them!

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How to Identify the Right Social Media Influencer [Part 1]

Influencer outreach has become the post-modern, social media version of celebrity endorsement. It can create social chatter and with the right targeting it can be the trigger for sustained ROI. With Facebook becoming very much a ‘paid’ platform, we have to look for smart marketing techniques and develop strategies that can have sustainable impacts on business objectives without spending large amounts on advertising.

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#PremierLeague – The Three Most Talked About Players on the Opening Weekend

The Premier League returned this weekend with over 5.5 million tweets being sent by fans around the globe. Unsurprisingly the return of England’s top domestic league was trending on Twitter, with football fans looking forward to seeing their favourite teams back in action.

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